Mosaic outreach spans the world

Placer High’s Alex Darrow launches fundraising website
By: Stephanie Breitbart Auburn Journal
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Sixteen-year-old Alex Darrow is raising money for needy children around the world, one photo at a time. The Placer High School senior recently launched PictureTheWorld, a non-profit organization with a mission of raising funds by creating the largest photo mosaic in the world. “I wanted to do something that everyone would want to be a part of,” Darrow said. "And something that would also help the community.” Through the website,, participants can share a photo for a $5 donation. The photo will be used in the mosaic and the money will be donated to a children’s charity. Darrow said the largest mosaic in the world has 112,896 photos, so the goal for PictureTheWorld is to have 112,897 photos submitted. “Any photos that are appropriate will be accepted,” Darrow said. “Essentially, it’s up to the person and what they want to be remembered by on the mosaic.” Darrow, who has been creating new gadgets and inventions since his freshman year, said his earnings from his job at a local pizza place, along with holiday and birthday money for the past two years went toward starting PictureTheWorld. “It was pretty expensive to start,” Darrow said. “I’ve already spent upward of $1,400.” Along with starting the website and finding a sponsor, Cultural Media Services, Darrow said he also spent a lot of time choosing which children’s organizations would benefit from PictureTheWorld. “I researched different organizations that served children around the world,” Darrow said. “And then looked at the efficiency of each one before choosing the 10.” Darrow said it was an easy decision to want to raise money for children. “I feel if anyone deserves to be helped, it’s the next generation,” Darrow said. “The ones who will be part of this world and will be controlling this world in the future.” After graduation, Darrow plans to attend a four-year college and major in business. He will continue his current role as executive director at PictureTheWorld, and hopes the project will become viral and take off worldwide. “We have just over 100 pictures right now,” Darrow said. "It's far from the goal, but we'll get there." ---------- For more information or to submit a photo visit