Motorcyclist forgot headlight

Reader Input
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This letter is for the person who was riding a motorcycle around 6 p.m. Tuesday on the New Airport Road. I am the driver who pulled out in front of you when I turned left from Bill Francis Drive onto New Airport. Why did I do that? Was I that stupid to do that? No! No! Wait! You were the stupid one. You did not have your headlight on. I could not see you. The car ahead of you had their lights on. I pulled onto New Airport after that car passed by. I could not see you because you did not have your headlight on! I was shaking and tears in my eyes on what could have happened. You were only a handful of feet from hitting me. Hopefully you and all drivers will check for headlights being on when it gets dark. I have seen some cars without lights on in the dark. SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn