Mountain lion should sue hiker

Reader Input
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Three cheers for Donna (McCloskey)’s comments on the hiker (“Hiker at fault in lion attack,” Reader Input, July 8).
This is a microcosm of our society today. The homeless man sneaks through your yard at 2 a.m., stumbles on your watering hose, falls on your rake and loses an eye.
The court awards him total damages and support for life for his disability.
An armed thief breaks into your house and somehow you club him with your baseball bat. You are cut and bleeding. He dies. You are incarcerated for 20 years and baseball bats are declared deadly weapons and licenses are required to hold them.
Where does this all stop? The lion has to die because we invaded his home? Did anyone plan to read him his Miranda Rites (sic!) first? How about a trial? Perhaps he will get off on mistaken identity and sue for false arrest. Did anyone get a DNA sample?
Milt Ciarlariello, Auburn