Mr. Brassfield doesn't offer 'balanced' response to Measure B

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I must strongly disagree with the opinion of John Brassfield (Measure B Offers a Blank Check for Newcastle Fire Dept. - Another View, Friday February 10, 2012). He seems to believe that, somehow, Newcastle Fire will still be around after they’re evicted from the condemned firehouse. And he seems to believe that the firefighters can subsist on $8.50 an hour with no benefits, instead of the reality that they will, and have, gone to other municipalities that offer a living wage and benefits. The editorial cited was introduced as offering a “balanced” response to articles championing Measure B. Mr. Brassfield does not present anything close to balanced. He does not recognize the limitations of Proposition 13, he cites new construction bringing in revenue, he suggest an abandoned school as appropriate. What is he thinking? In the current financial climate, Newcastle has lost revenue through foreclosures, new (almost non-existent) construction is a joke and I didn’t notice any alternative locations for a new firehouse (which abandoned school did he have in mind and how is it an appropriate alternative, Mr. Brassfield?). Last, this issue has been debated, studied and critiqued for over two years. Newcastle residents devoted to continued fire/emergency service for our neighbors have put in countless unpaid hours. I would hope that Mr. Brassfield’s shortsighted and, dare I say it?, ignorant views will be taken for what they seem to be: The bitter views of someone rejected. Chuck Huber, Newcastle