MSNBC an acronym for ...

Reader Input
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In answer to Paulette Walter (?Watch other than Fox News,? Reader Input, April 24): Just to test Paulette?s theory, I looked at the MSNBC website and here?s what I find. Half of new grads are jobless or underemployed ? ?A weak labor already has left half/50 percent of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed.? Social Security trustees see earlier fund depletion date ??The Social Security System said Monday the fund that helps sustain retiree and survivors? benefits will become exhausted in 2033, years sooner than they projected just last year.? Fed struggles to spur slowest recovery in memory ... ?They?ve tried dumping $2 trillion in cash into the financial system, slashed overnight interest rates to zero and made an unprecedented promise to keep rates low for at least another two years. But growth may have been something of an illusion. A little bit of a bloom is off the rose.? And then Paulette says ?There is much more but the point is he is not just sitting around enjoying taxpayer money.? Oh, but wait, the Obama family members have enjoyed 16 vacations in three years ?being self-employed I have not had 16 vacations in my life! Then, for my final research, I have discovered the MSNBC is an abbreviation for More Slanted News by Communists ?what a surprise. John T. Nightingale, Auburn