Much accomplished, more needs doing

Reader Input
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I agree with Don Greer (Reader Input, Dec. 21) that President Obama’s birthplace is a non-issue that deserves no mention on these pages. But I ask Don why 44 percent of Republicans still question if the president is a U.S. citizen. It is because Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and various others on the right will not let this birther issue go away. The reason why nothing seems to get done in Washington is that the Republicans have manufactured roadblocks to every government effort to help the people of this country. The tea party-elected members of the House of Representatives now won’t even consider extending the payroll tax cut for the middle class because the president supports it. They are willing to destroy this country in their bid to destroy President Obama. You mention how balanced Fox News is. Have you heard a planetary scientist who is an expert on global warming debate the Fox News dogma that global warming is a leftist myth on air? Of course not. They don’t want you to hear the other side. “Leftist” CNN regularly has representatives from the Republican Party or the tea party on their on-air debates. I, too, was a John and Robert Kennedy supporter in my younger times. We went to the moon back then. We had big dreams as a country. Then came assassinations, Vietnam, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, the bursting housing bubble, bank panics, bailouts, European economic disintegration, job exportation, the deficit. We’ve been through a lot. But we got most of the Al Qaeda masterminds of 9/11. We’re leaving Iraq. We succeeded in Libya without risking boots on the ground. More children now have health insurance. Iconic GM and Chrysler did not fold. We stopped an economic free-fall that would have destroyed us as a country. Yes, there is a lot more to do. We stopped the ship from capsizing but we still need to right it. Merry Christmas, Don, and to Bob Velon and John Owen, and all the others who debate and enlighten on this forum. May the new year bring success to you and to this country. Herb Tanimoto, Cool