Multi-crime spree ends with a life sentence

Roseville man asks Placer County judge for mercy, apologizes to victim in Auburn courtroom
By: Gus Thomson Journal Staff Writer
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A Roseville man was sentenced to a life prison term Friday in Auburn for a multi-crime spree last April. Dillon James McMahon, 22, was found guilty in Placer County Superior Court in December of kidnapping during a carjacking and a separate count of kidnapping for a robbery while using a firearm. Sentencing Judge Mark Curry combined sentencing for the North Auburn crimes with an earlier conviction from the same crime spree for attempted murder that McMahon pleaded guilty to last summer in Nevada County court. “He basically went on what has been characterized as a crime spree,” Curry said. “And a violent one at that.” Curry handed down a 23-year, four-month prison term to be served by McMahon before the life sentence starts. Under the life sentence, McMahon would be eligible for parole after seven years. McMahon apologized to the two female victims he was convicted of stealing cars from. “The person who committed those crimes is not who I am,” McMahon said. McMahon also pleaded with Curry to not add the life sentence to the 23-year, four-month term. “I’m not a murderer, a rapist or a killer or harmed anyone,” McMahon said. That statement spurred a retort from Curry, who asked whether McMahon admitted to hitting an 81-year-old man over the head with a tire iron. McMahon’s response was that incident was not part of Friday’s sentencing. Before sentencing, one of McMahon’s two Auburn victims spoke before a hushed courtroom. “I’m afraid I’ll be haunted with the memories of that day for the rest of my life,” the woman said. “I have nightmares, flashbacks and the fear of just talking to unfamiliar people.” The woman, then 19, was approached April 16 by McMahon as she returned to her car after depositing checks at Chase Bank in Auburn. McMahon asked for directions to the Grass Valley area then told her he had a gun as she was helping him. He got into the passenger seat and ordered her to drive to a remote location on the outskirts of Auburn. In a secluded alley, McMahon pointed a handgun at the victim’s head and told her to get out. McMahon drove off and the vehicle was later found at the Regional Park pond in North Auburn. On April 18, McMahon carjacked another vehicle from a woman attending exercise class at Regional Park. He held a broken bottle to her neck and left with the car. Later that day, he drove to a Penn Valley neighborhood and beat an 81-year-old man over the head with a tire iron after the man refused to give him money. McMahon and Auburn’s John Cody Adrian then fled to Yuba County, where they led deputies on a high-speed chase. They were arrested after abandoning the vehicle in Marysville. Adrian was sentenced to a year in jail for his role in the crime spree. Prosecutor David Tellman said the District Attorney’s Office agreed that sentencing on multiple offenses should be served consecutively because the crimes were committed independently of each other.