Multiple cheers for Colfax Elementary

Reader Input
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The teachers and staff of Colfax Elementary School continue to be proud and honored to work at this wonderful school that plays such a central role in our community. As always, our mission is to provide a safe and academically stimulating environment, so all children can reach their full potential. We are proud of the school spirit that our “Bulldog” students display and their continued academic growth and achievements. Together, our staff represents decades of rich experience as educational providers. We consistently work in collaboration to create optimal learning environments for all students. Our small, K-8 community school allows us to develop close, caring relationships with our students and their families and to play a significant role in our students’ lives, an opportunity we treasure and honor. Colfax School: We love it! The staff at Colfax Elementary, Joan Griffin, Jodi O’Keefe, Pamela Adams, Jim Adams, Mary Curtis, Don Elias, Maryann Hinrichs, Kate Karlberg, Barbara Wood, Beth Tremoureux, Lisa Preston, Cathy Engellenner, Joni Orban, Melody Van Matre, Terry Smith, Karen Quayle