Mural much appreciated

Reader Input
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In response to the previous letter about the mural of No Hands Bridge (Reader Input, March 4), I could not let it go by without saying how much I appreciate the time and effort and work that go into a project like that. Climbing up and down on ladders and scaffolding, it’s an enormous amount of work for anyone to undertake and much less do it as a volunteer. I happened to go by there on a Sunday when they were working on it. They had to climb up the ladder, put some paint on, climb back down, stand back, look at it, then climb back up the ladder, paint some more, climb back down the ladder, stand back, look at it, move the ladder, climb back up again and so on and so on. I truly enjoyed seeing the mural go up and I enjoy seeing it every time I get the chance to go by. It’s a wonderful depiction of No Hands Bridge, a very unique and different interpretation. This is how things get done here in our nice little town and I’m very thankful to anyone who volunteered their time and money to make this project happen. As for the man who would like to paint over it, I suggest if you have extra money to be donating that you donate it to the art department at Placer High School. They’re the ones that keep inspiring kids to be creative year after year! Linda Dobbas, Auburn