Murder victim remembered

Reader Input
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In response to the Feb. 23 article in the Journal regarding Rodney Alcala: I was a classmate of Robin Samsoe’s in the fifth grade, back in 1978. She was a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed, friendly girl and I vividly recall when we heard she was kidnapped, while riding her bicycle in our neighborhood. Then, a few weeks later, we found out she had been murdered. I remember the teacher telling us that she was dead and the tears and fear that spread through our classroom. This could have been me or any one of us, as we rode our bikes everywhere ... at 12 years old in 1978. I was horrified to read the man who (allegedly) murdered her, (learning his name just yesterday), Rodney Alcala, and seeing his face for the first time. He is still alive, incarcerated since 1979, being supported by taxpayers like myself and with two death row sentences being overturned. I am completely dumbfounded. Then, not only (allegedly) murdering my 12-year-old friend, but “turned this beautiful young girl into a rotting corpse eaten by animals” (according to Matt Murphy, Orange County prosecutor), and also (allegedly) tortured and killed four other women. My heart goes out to Robin’s mom and her family. I know she has been gone for a long time but she will never be forgotten. Lisa Harrison, Auburn