Must be 18 to tan and eat certain foods

Reader Input
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Re: banning (indoor) tanning (for persons under 18, Journal, June 8). I don’t use tanning beds and I don’t let my children use them, but it amazes me how eager this country is to reduce or remove parental rights and responsibilities. It is known that candy, soda, any number of prepared foods, etc. are unhealthy. Perhaps in the interest of protecting our children’s health (present and future) we should restrict what foods people with children are allowed to buy. This would certainly help to cut down on childhood obesity and future health care costs associated with a poor diet. Stores can be divided up into “Food for Responsible Adults” and “Food for 18 and Under.” Why not create the Government Nanny Department? Make tanning available with parental permission and let the parents’ parent! Robert Kanngiesser, Auburn