Must shop at Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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I completely agree with Peggy Impala of Auburn (“Wal-Mart and more needed,” (Reader Input, June 10) and appreciate her willingness to stand for something she supports, that may not be politically correct.
Yes! We do need a Wal-Mart in the Auburn/Grass Valley area. I too, drive to Roseville a couple of times a month to do the bulk of my shopping at Wal-Mart. Why? Because the grocery stores in this area are expensive!
Wal-Mart is probably one-third the price of Safeway, Bel-Air or Save Mart. And I know prices. In order to live in this area and pay my bills, I must comparison shop and be as frugal as possible.
I would love to have my hard-earned money stay in the area that I live, but unfortunately, until they build a Wal-Mart in Auburn, that is not going to happen.
Elyse Barrell, Auburn