Nanny in custody of U.S. Immigration

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The nanny whose case was dismissed after she was twice tried for fatally injuring a 15-month-old girl is in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Veronica Martinez Salcedo was released from Placer County Jail to immigration Wednesday. The immigration office will hold a hearing for Salcedo before she faces possible deportation, according to Lori Haley, ICE spokeswoman. Salcedo was charged with assault causing the death of a child in the May 2006 death of toddler Hannah Rose Juceam. The prosecution argued Hannah died as a result of brain injuries caused when Salcedo shook the toddler. The defense countered that a virus, and ultimately a stroke, caused Hannah’s death. The first trial ended in October with the jury stuck at a 10-2 vote in favor of guilt. The second trial ended in June with the jury “hopelessly deadlocked” at 9-3 in favor of acquittal. On Monday, the Placer County District Attorney’s Office announced it would not seek a third trial. Salcedo was incarcerated in the county jail for two years and therefore could not renew her work visa. Future Journal reports will update Salcedo’s status. - Jenifer Gee