Napa wannabe’s show their hand

Reader Input
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Shock and awe (expressed) for another group of rural neighbors in Placer County who just found out Placer County wants to approve a 6,600 square-foot community center/wine tasting room for events and weddings next door. Two-hundred guests will be allowed at a time and some events can go until midnight. For those who haven’t realized it yet, this has been the end-game for an influential group of developers, winery and property owners in Napa-wannabe Placer County. Last month the wineries were asking for a “text amendment” that would allow a 74 percent increase in “events” under the cloak of “supporting agriculture.” The same amendment would have automatically approved future events (eliminating neighbor input) and eliminate the cost of a permit, thus costing the county tens of thousands of dollars in fees at a time when services are being cut and employees laid off. The writing is on the wall. If you live in Placer County on a public or private road, the next shock and awe could be yours. Unfortunately, the way Placer County operates, it’s not going to be up to you. It’s up to your neighbor. Mike Giles, Newcastle Neighborhood Rescue Group