Nation’s lenders need reform

Reader Input
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The reform I envision will force the credit card and mortgage companies to play by the rules. I am tired and frustrated with the lack of meaningful action by the Congress and Senate. They pay lip service to reform but are so afraid of cutting off funding they do what is worse. They pass laws that give the public false hope with built-in loopholes. Congress has forgotten the lessons of the Depression. They get theirs and to perdition with everyone else. I am sure they have no idea of the low place they are held. Maybe some of the perks they enjoy should be removed and they might understand what it’s like to have to earn a living again. Families who are hoping to buy a home or pay for college are put on a level playing field with lenders. Reform ensures they’ll get the information they need presented clearly and concisely so they can make good decisions. The same goes for small businesses and community banks that play fair and deserve to see their businesses grow. Joseph Silva, Lincoln