Nation’s history repeats itself

Reader Input
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When you look at the history of our country, you see that we had “taxation without representation” in our relationship with England. That led to the American Revolution and our Constitution with the highest ideals of self-government. Today we are also experiencing “taxation without representation.” We’ve just seen the Democrats ram a bill through that Americans through polls, town meetings, telephone calls, letters and demonstrations have clearly said they do not want. We have helplessly watched as the Democrats have used our tax money to buy votes. They have even tried to enact this bill without a vote so they would not be held accountable, knowing the people do not want this imposed on them. It benefits them, not us. This bill raises taxes, mandates how we must spend our money and lowers the quality of health care. Their numbers do not even include the bill for doctor reimbursement, which is ridiculous. We will pay taxes for four years on this program before it is even started. Don’t just sit there and be frustrated. Join the Tea Party Patriots on April 15 and let your voice be heard. Patricia Maddox, Grass Valley