Nation needs big cleanup

Reader Input
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Lately reading all the letters, I felt I have to contribute. I am 79 so I have seen a lot since voting and I am proud to say I am a Republican since Ronald Reagan was president. Our county is going to hell. Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Reid and Feinstein. They don’t care how much of our money they spend. All Obama, Pelosi and Hillary Clinton do is fly all over and us paying for it. It’s about time the Congress and Senate should be cleaned out. Put people in there who care about their country and the people. All they care about is themselves. Also the raise they want and get. What about our people who have lost their jobs? So many people. Our country should be ashamed. Then there is the so-called “health care” they want to pass. Well, we don’t want it. Canada has it and they have to come here for surgeries so with the plan the elderly will have no doctor’s care. We are the United States of America, one nation under God. We should speak English only. You can speak other at home, not in public places. We should not be ruined by “the government.” DEE NANN, Christian Valley