Nation needs energy policy

Reader Input
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We are in desperate need of an energy bill. Over 30 years of this kind of inaction is unacceptable. This administration needs to wake up to the fact that our country can no longer wait. We need a good common-sense energy bill. There is nothing wrong with going green, but in the meantime, we need to do more oil and natural gas exploration and produce it here. With all the uncertainty in this world, the oil speculators will only bid the price of oil upward. An increase in our domestic production of energy, with a clear energy policy could change all of that. If you want to give the energy companies incentives for greener energy in the future, then ultimately that’s the way we should go. Right now any action to slow the import of foreign oil would help put downward pressure on world crude oil prices, which would be a big plus for our economy. God only knows we need that. The Congress and the administration have been held hostage by the special-interest groups for far too long. Only a little spine on their part could remedy this, regardless of what you think about this administration. The only way they’re going to act is for the American people to speak up, and speak up loudly, with a megaphone if necessary, because neither the president nor the Congress seems to get it, and we as the American people are the ones feeling the pain. This need not be a patrician issue. We’re all in this together. Richard Lutzoff, Auburn