Nation needs health care plan

Reader Input
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As spring and summer temperatures rise, so does the political climate continue to heat up, with various stimuli affecting voter preferences/choices. The latest and perhaps most controversial being the possible, or should I say probable, issue is the return of an activist judiciary syndrome much like the leftist court Earl Warren, but now coming from the other side of the neighborhood (RE: conservative). Might I editorialize just a bit and state that neither situation is conducive to a stable policy government. May the judiciary cease and desist their political machinations and not rule on legislative issues in this manner. Like it or not, a health care plan needs to be incorporated into our national processes, be it Obama Care, Romney Care or a moral equivalent. We already have a form that is not functional. Who do you think pays the exorbitant fees when an uninsured patient walks into an emergency room? Yes, even Justice (Antonin) Scalia pays then. This is just the tip of the iceberg as numerous unthinkable, talked-around issues come to the fore as each candidate practices their own form of an “open mic.” Tighten your seat belts. The “Oh, I really didn’t mean that” is just beginning. Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn