Nation needs its government

Reader Input
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What a thoroughly senseless letter penned by John Downs (Journal, Sept 13). He claims that our elected leaders “create crisis after crisis.” Please tell us, John, exactly how did our elected leaders create the current economic crisis? Or the savings and loan collapse of the ’80s? Did our elected leaders cause the recent Gulf oil blowout — or the Exxon Valdez disaster? Was it government who created the slums in our cities or the pollution in our air? I gather it was the government that created the latest contaminated egg debacle. If John is correct, our elected leaders must be clever wizards indeed! No, it was not government that brought on these problems. In most cases it was rampant greed of our large corporations unchecked by any effective government regulation. Like it or not, we all need governments to help us deal with these serious problems. No one else has the strength or the capacity. Do governments sometimes get arrogant and spend more than they should? Certainly — but is that reason to get rid of them? Who would you suggest take their place — Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum, as Congressman (Tom) McClintock prefers? Who will rein in Halliburton? Would you and a few neighbors in Newcastle want to take on Bank of America or Southern Pacific when they run amok? If you and your tea party friends think we have problems now, just wait to see what happens if the government walks away. KIM BRYANT, Auburn