Nation needs Mitt Romney

Reader Input
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I had to laugh at Kent Campbell’s letter on Wednesday, May 2 (“Voting for the seasoned one”).
He acts like he made up his mind to vote for Obama because Dick Cheney endorsed Mitt Romney for president.
Bull stuffing. Sorry, you were born with the ultra-liberal affliction and it will be with you forever. You must have had your head in the clouds or read the papers upside-down for the last three and one-half years to not notice how bad things really are.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, unemployment is above 14 percent including 6 percent that have quit looking for jobs in the last three and one-half years.
Obama proudly points to the 2,000 jobs he saved by bailing out G.M. He didn’t mention the 10 million people he didn’t help. They lost their jobs, homes, retirement, health insurance and self-esteem.
Another thing: I spoke to my health insurer, Medicare and Social Security about why my wife and I pay $450 more a month than before Obamacare started. They all said someone has to pay for the 11 million who did not have insurance before.
You must have slept through civics in high school that said we still have elections for president every four and eight years. Somewhere along the line you won’t be voting for a newbie, Democrat or Republican.
Also, your great leaderless sent out his little heel snipper Joe Biden, who said if Mitt Romney were president, would he have made the decision for Special Forces to kill Bin Laden?
Since he was speaking of a hypothetical, I would say absolutely, only about three years sooner and saved thousands of soldiers’ lives and injuries. Don’t forget Obama promised he would have all the troops out of Afghanistan in the first year he was president.
People have stopped looking ahead because it’s so bleak. All the promises he made and did not keep. Jimmy Carter was the worst president we have had in my time dating back to F.D.R. Now without a doubt we have a new worst.
We need an intelligent, strong person like Mitt Romney to straighten out the huge mess that Obama has not been able to do. He is an absolute failure. Vote him out.
DON J. GREER, Colfax