Nation should follow ‘our say’

Reader Input
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The problem with our world, our country, is we elect people to represent us as individuals, as if we can’t discern what’s best for ourselves and our country. Not to mention once these folks take office they no longer work for us, they work for special interest groups. Are we not a democracy? Are we not a people? For example, it should be our say if we go to war or not. And when I say “our say” I mean each and every individual over the age of 18 should get a vote on the matter. Therefore, we have to reap what we sow, but to have a small group of elected officials decide the fate of the burden we all have to carry is injustice. To not allow each citizen of this country an opportunity to vote on all matters produced by his or her own country is borderline dictatorship. We give away our power, our vote, our democracy to elected officials to do our bidding and look where it has gotten us. Could there be another way? Michael P. Fabel, Jr., Rocklin