Nation was founded on Christian/Judeo principles

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Do we want someone who is being cutesy about his youth, lacks knowledge about what the office of the presidency is truly about, and is just trying to pander to the youth of our country to be the president of our great nation? Is this the picture we want our country to be seen as, around the world? All of our thinking Americans, including our young people, have always respected a person they could follow, and look up to his leadership. Integrity, honesty, and strength of character are wanted when we stop and get our youth, and people of all ages, looking at the complete picture. To try to psych thinking Americans into accepting that this nation was not founded on Christian/Judeo principles is truly a time for us to really think about. Wake up America, we are founded on these principles, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. We need to acknowledge this fact, and settle it in our hearts and minds. Don’t let a smooth-talking politician cloud your thinking. My God bless America. We in turn, can thank God for our freedom, and thank our brave Americans, defending us both here and in other parts of the world. Elly Derr Auburn