National TV crew rafts down American River

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A CBS camera crew made an appearance on the American River this weekend. The crew taped a rafting trip on part of the South Fork with Whitewater Connection, a whitewater rafting company based in Coloma. The taping is part of a national CBS News series entitled “Eye on the Road.” The weeklong series will bring attention to the national gas crisis and how it affects people across the country. Tara O’Neil, a sales associate with Whitewater Connection, was on the raft with the cameraman. She said there was a cameraman in the boat and one on the shore. O’Neil said the show contacted the company a few weeks ago. The rafting trip is supposed to be an example of a fun activity to do that’s not too far away so locals can save on gas. Despite rumors circulating around the foothills, Katie Couric, host of CBS Evening News, was not there on the day of the taping, O’Neil said. O’Neil said the company isn’t sure if they will be on the show. The series debuts tonight on CBS News. A visit to the CBS News Web site shows that a correspondent will be traveling through Lake Tahoe on tonight’s segment. It could not be confirmed whether or not the American River will be featured on the show. — Jenifer Gee