Nations abuse, use, accuse USA

Reader Input
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In a recent news publication there is a large photograph of a joyous celebration. Written below it in bold print was “Tripoli, Libya has declared the country liberated” after an eight-month civil war launching the oil rich nation on what is meant to be a transition to democracy but they laid out plans with an Islamic tone that could rattle their western backers. There was a blatant indication in that paragraph that our western involvement did not meet at the neutral table with Libya’s interim leaders to determine if what we planned would work out in the way we expected. It wouldn’t have mattered if they had not lied. The U.S.A. would have bought it and rode off into the sunset. In one of my high school classes in 1960 we were divided into two separate groups with the intention of debating our country’s foreign aid policies — one group to oppose it and one group to support it. Each group strongly defended their position. It soon became evident that it would take more time than that which was allotted but the teacher allowed continuation. It became a heated stalemate. My side realized it was time to back off until both teams cooled down. My team had done extensive homework and their’s hadn’t. We laid out indisputable evidence, on the table, to clearly prove that our nation was being used, abused, accused and laughed at. There have been significant changes since 1960. Then we were sending unfathomable millions to only a few countries. Now we are sending unfathomable billions to many countries with no strings attached. “Hello! Washington, D.C. Anybody home?” GENE BAKER, Meadow Vista