Negatives of pot outweigh positives

Reader Input
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I was saddened to read the letter “Pot pluses trump minuses” (Reader Input, Feb. 16), for the following reasons: This “student’s” research is far too limited to make an intelligent decision. For example, did he review the data that strongly supports that habitual use of marijuana may lead to acute and chronic bronchitis? Or, that smoking marijuana can further weaken the lungs of those patients whose immune systems are already fragile because of the ravages of cancer or AIDS? The writer suggests that smoking marijuana can alleviate stress. Well, so can a run in the park. To suggest that smoking marijuana could prevent Alzheimer’s is like saying drinking a six-pack of beer can prevent alcoholism. Alzheimer’s disease is a degeneration of the brain cells commonly leading to severe dementia. I think it’s more likely that smoking marijuana can also destroy brain cells just like drinking alcohol destroys brain cells. I can only hope that the writer invests more time and research on this subject. Maybe then he will realize that the minuses of smoking this impure substance outweigh the pluses. Pattee Thorpe, Rocklin