Neighbor’s bark was plenty bad

Reader Input
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Reply to article, “For dog-bark complaints, proof of woof falls on accuser,” (Journal, Oct. 2):
They do not always come out to check about a dog barking. Someone can go to their office, fill out a complaint and swear the dog was barking nonstop for 20 minutes. Animal control has to take this complaint. Animal control only has to come one time.
I had a neighbor turn me in three times. Twice I had to go to court. The third complaint was when a judge finally ruled against the neighbor. I had six letters from all my neighbors who said my dogs did not bark 20 minutes. They only barked at my neighbor who stood on the other side of my fence yelling and swearing at my two dogs. The judge then told animal control they could not take a complaint from this neighbor anymore. They would have to come to my home and talk to my neighbors.
Please advise people they do have to tell the truth. This neighbor caused me lots of unnecessary emotional stress, especially since one dog was a certified signal dog. Both dogs also wore barking collars.
Vickie DeBerge, Applegate