Never become disabled

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I just want to warn every hard working person out there to never become disabled. Navigating this ridiculous system has made me realize why our state is in so much trouble. The rules for Medi Cal are in favor of illegal aliens over citizens that have worked hard all their lives to have SOME THINGS. Some things are counted as assets while others are not. We are all supposed to sell everything we worked so hard for all those years then be prepared to have a lien put on our homes for the costs if we die before 2 years. I am supposed to be on Medicare, but in California , for the 1st 2 years you get Medi Cal. Anyone in my position must sell things like boats, any other vehicles. We all have to clean out our stocks, savings, etc to pay the state before we are qualified for medical help. Two people can not have more than $3,000 total in liquid assets. Anyone that gets into our country illegally never has to answer to anything or prove anything...Or ever pay back anything. These people have to work under the table for cash and never even pay a penny into our tax system or for anything else. Jewelry and other things do not count as an asset. You could have millions of dollars worth of diamonds or gold but it does not count. You have to fill out form after form after form and there is no one to help you thru this or tell you what you are entitled to. As a former union grocery clerk I can tell you that the illegals DO recieve many benefits I’ve been surprised at for the last 30 years. I know that the reverse discrimination and having mostly hispanic social workers since the law passed for minority employment over anyone elses qualifications caused much of that. I’ve seen 3 generations of a family all in my line buying steaks, lobster, ordered cakes from the bakery, sandwiches special made from the deli and many other abuses of our welfare system. I couldn’t afford to do that! I baked my own cakes and made my own lunches! It seems like our government rules favor people that have never contributed to our tax base or anything else. The money they do make all goes back to Mexico for the most part. No wonder California is in so much trouble! My adopted daughter is half Mexican and half Porteguese. She is here legally along with the rest of her family. I am not prejudiced against anyone, but fed up with this stupid system of filling out papers over and over. Our government then pays to have ANOTHER PERSON to look them over. Most people will just give up. They get nothing. The Social Security Department depends on that. My reward for all of my years of work and taxes? I can’t even find a doctor. After 6 months of trying to find a doctor I am forced to go to the Placer County Medical Clinic, then wait 5 more weeks to be seen. I am told to go to the emergency room if I need further treatment. They did not help me a bit. Emergency Room? Does anyone know how much THAT COSTS? No wonder they can’t balance a budget. I just can not believe what our “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” and sympathy for others has led all of us to. This is just ridiculous and reform is needed! No other country gets critisized for enforcing their their laws against illegal immigrants. Just us. After our country was attacked on 9/11 you would think that all this would have been buttoned up by now. I was raised here in California by a father that was a College Professor and Colonel in the Air Force. He is 86 and pays so much tax every year it is awful. I guess it all goes to pay for the births and emergencys of our illegal aliens cause it’s never paid for me or my family. I have paid taxes every year since I was 17 and I am 54 now. All the forms, all the people approving or not approving things, all the government has gotten out of hand. Many jobs are redundent and expensive to pay for. When are people going to come to their senses and demand a reform and reorganization of everything regarding this current government? This BS about Republican or Democrat has to be put aside for THE GOOD OF ALL THE PEOPLE. IOU’S? Has anyone heard that people are already being forced to sell them at less than the issued value? Is this right? Is that fair? California.....I love my home! I don’t want to leave it. I don’t know the answer but I hope this stirs up some responses from intelligent people that do! Our politicians don’t know what to do and the people need to help! Shawn Weaver, Foresthill