New gun laws benefit tyrants

Reader Input
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Our liberal legislature and attorney general should weigh cost versus effectiveness of firearms laws that might cross the line of “reasonable” limitations versus outright infringement of a right. The purchaser of a firearm now pays at least $70 just to transfer ownership via the DOJ. Canada just stopped its $1.3 billion budget drain for registration of long guns, and their system has been hacked into. California in 2014 is going to start registration of all long guns! And the DOJ prefers to violate PC 34205 and not publish an updated “Firearms Laws Summary” booklet because of lack of funds (last update in 2007). With all the confusing gun laws the public must have a reliable and easily understood reference. The state obviously does not have the money for legislators/carpetbaggers to gamble with so they can impress the uninformed. More laws only benefit the tyrants and enemies of our country (and we are getting out of Afghanistan in 2014 — another reason to rethink registration of long guns). Law enforcement personnel are firearms owners and many realize the risks these new laws impose on their lives and their responsibilities to this nation. Walter F. Drysdale, M.D., Auburn