New ski resort sized too large

Reader Input
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My thanks to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for the public hearing they held in Tahoe City on Tuesday, Nov. 15. About 40 people presented their thoughts on the construction of a new ski resort in the small lakeside town of Homewood. The developer is Homewood Mountain Resorts (HMR). They have the “OK” to build the resort but the size of the project is in question. The Friends of the West Shore want the project to be reduced by one-third. The board will make its decision on Dec. 6. I have lived in South Lake Tahoe for 11 years and there is a constant need to balance the forces that want to build around the lake with the forces that want to preserve it. At the top of the priority list for the board is the protection of Lake Tahoe. The lake is a national treasure. It is one of the most beautiful lakes on the face of the Earth. Many of my friends are looking forward to the jobs that will be created when HMR starts building. HMR has promised to use all the latest environmental technologies to make sure there is minimal damage to the lake. The local residents and the governing boards are the caretakers of the lake. Visitors need access to the lake so they can enjoy it but we need to control their numbers. The Friends of the West Shore have estimated this project will increase the impact on the lake by adding more than 8,000 vehicle miles every day during the summer. This number will be reduced if HMR reduces the size of the project. Ernie Claudio, South Lake Tahoe