New venue for Salgado?

Attorney says woman was arrested in connection with ex-officer’s alleged crimes
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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A case involving an alleged murder-for-hire and an ex-CHP officer may be moved out of Placer County. Ruben Cesar Salgado’s attorney is going to investigate a possible change in venue in a case allegedly involving an accomplice. Salgado, 37, was expected to submit a plea for the felony charge of solicitation of murder Monday, but his attorney, Daniel Nicholson, asked to push back the arraignment. Salgado, who was a 12-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol, had most recently worked in the Newcastle office. The highway patrol fired Salgado June 30. Salgado was arrested at 2:15 a.m. Thursday and booked into Placer County Jail on a charge of attempting to hire someone to commit murder against someone with the initials R.M., according to a complaint filed Monday by the Placer County District Attorney’s Office. Salgado was also charged with possessing methamphetamine, a felony, being under the influence of methamphetamine and possessing drug paraphernalia, misdemeanors. Also, Salgado was charged with a special allegation of committing a felony while out on bail. Prior to his arrest last week, Salgado was out on a $70,000 bail with multiple felony and misdemeanor drug charges. The charges are “very surprising,” and Salgado was “very upset” about them, Nicholson said Monday outside the courtroom. Nicholson requested Monday afternoon Placer County Superior Court Judge Larry Gaddis move Salgado’s arraignment to 1 p.m. July 28 so he could further investigate the charges. Nicholson asked to view discovery documents in the case before it proceed. Deputy District Attorney Jeff Wilson, who was standing in for attorney Douglas Van Breemen Monday, said the district attorney’s office would make the documents available as soon as possible. Nicholson plans to look into a possible change of venue because the new charges allegedly took place in Sacramento County, he said outside the courtroom Monday. “It appears, based on what I have been told by the district attorney’s office, that all the events that are alleged occurred in Sacramento County,” Nicholson said outside the courtroom. “In California venue is proper in the county where the crime takes place, alleged crime.” Nicholson also stated a woman had been arrested in connection with Salgado’s case. “I know there was a another young lady who was arrested that evening, but she was booked into the Sacramento County Jail,” Nicholson said Monday outside the courtroom. Officer Jeanie Hoatson, spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol Valley Division, said she hadn’t heard anything about the woman as of Monday afternoon. Sgt. Tim Curran, spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, said he also had no information as of Monday afternoon. Deputy District Attorney Jeff Wilson said the district attorney’s office isn’t ready to comment about the possible change in venue. “We will address that issue when it is brought before the court,” Wilson said. Nicholson said he had been in contact with the people who hired him to represent Salgado. He said they are not related to the former officer. “I have been in contact with (people) who are essentially his extended family,” Nicholson said. “They are just as shocked as anyone else.” Salgado is being held at Placer County Jail and is ineligible for bail. Reach Bridget Jones at