New water system needed

Reader Input
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Except for the 2005-2006 wet season, we now have more than eight continuous drought years. Along with global warming, evaporation is accelerating serious losses to our water supplies. Lake Tahoe has a yearly average evaporation drop of 30 inches, a water loss of about 158,000 acre-feet. (Just one acre-foot of water cubed is 35 by 35 by 35 feet). In the much hotter Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley, our open aqueducts are losing almost as much water to evaporation as they are delivering. Valley level storage reservoirs are another large water loss due to evaporation. Financially electrical power for these aqueducts is another large loss to California taxpayers. California needs a totally new water delivery system — a new system with a 95 percent cut in evaporation over our present day delivery system(s). If Alaska can install over 700 miles of pipeline (oil) in the worst of weather conditions, why can’t California pipe a new gravity fed (zero pumps) fresh water, evaporation-free delivery systems in the best of weather conditions? Californians are already facing water restrictions with our 36 million-plus population. To stay with the status quo of our present water delivery, by 2015 California will be moving into severe water restrictions. Our population prediction being 60 million by 2050. ELLSWORTH ROSE, Georgetown