Newcastle Measure K a non-starter

Reader Input
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The supporters of Measure K have signs sprouting all over the place that say “End the Tax, Build the Station.” That’s like saying, “do away with all birth control and reduce the population.” It’s an oxymoron, a non-starter, mathematically impossible. Measure K will bankrupt the Newcastle Fire Protection District (NFPD). It’s third-grade math. If you want a safe and secure Newcastle community, vote no on Measure K. Vote for the incumbents, Yvonne Lewis, Bob Stearns and Dave Poore, for the NFPD board. They worked hard to get Measure B passed. We have the revenue flow thanks to Measure B to get a site and start building. So stay the course. It’s not rocket science; let’s really build a fire station. Vote no on K! Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle