Newcastle must live with limits

Reader Input
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I attended the Newcastle Town Hall meeting on Oct. 9 to hear the pros and cons about Measure B and Measure K funding for the Newcastle Fire District. I listened to three incumbents up for reelection and three new candidates for the Newcastle Fire Board. As I watched the proceedings one thing appeared obvious to me. The fire board and proponents of Measure B seem to be willing to financially harm thousands of taxpayers, some pretty severely, for the benefit of a handful of employees and an undefined future fire station. The fire district presently has in place a yearly parcel tax called Measure F that was passed by the voters in 1997. The minimum revenue this tax presently provides the fire district is approximately $75 per parcel in the district. In addition, this tax is allowed to increase by 2 percent each year. Iā€™m sure that other tax revenues are available to the district that were not disclosed. With proper financial management this should be adequate to run this small department. I think passing Measure K is probably overly generous in the amount of its increased taxes for three years, however, after three years this tax will drop to $30 per parcel which, of course, is added to the existing Measure F tax. I feel the new candidates for the fire board understand the runaway tax situation Measure B represents and will make an effort to live within the means Measure F plus Measure K provides. JACK BOAN, Auburn