Newt follows own manual

Reader Input
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Gridlock in Washington, in Congress, did not just happen one day. Newt Gingrich is the single biggest factor in destroying a Washington culture where the two parties had differing views but still worked together. Gingrich got to Congress in ’78 and said “We, the Republicans are not going to be able to take over unless we demonize Democrats.” Newt had a plan: An instruction manual was distributed during the 1990 election season by GOPAC, a hybrid of the GOP and PAC (political action committee). A cover letter accompanying the glossary of adjectives, entitled “Language, a Key Mechanism of Control” was signed by GOPAC’s general chairman, Newt Gingrich. GOP candidates are advised by the manual to label their opponent a “sick, pathetic, liberal, tax-spending traitor.” Republican political contenders are instructed to refer to themselves as “visionary, confident, candid, hard-working reformers.” Does the political gridlock orchestrated by the Republican Party for the past 20 years make sense now? Political gridlock and Newt Gingrich are synonymous. Ron Lowe, Nevada City