No Canal Street entrance ‘best’ news

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I read the article on the front page of the Auburn Journal today (April 29) in regard to the Bohemia retail site (I still think we should just call it the Wal Mart site). I am thrilled that (Jim) Conkey has backed off of using Canal Street as an entrance into the shopping center. This is the best news I’ve heard regarding this whole project. Of course it saddens me that any retail center would go to that property, however Mr. Conkey is a landowner and that property is his. As long as the county supervisors feel it is a good fit, then I guess there’s nothing else that can be done. I would hope that our neighborhood will in fact be protected. I worry if there is foot/bicycle traffic that someday car traffic would be allowed. I hope no cars being allowed through Canal Street is concrete and not something that can be changed. I must admit I do feel in the back of my mind that this whole Canal Street entrance was never really what the developer had in mind. I wonder if they said that knowing there would be a huge fight against it so that they could drop it and have the neighborhood be so relieved that we stop complaining about the development. Maybe that’s not the case, but it does some feasible. My final thought is this, near Canal Street on Mr. Conkey’s property there is a small oak tree grove. I would hope that these majestic trees can somehow be saved. Nancie Goodnough, Auburn