No desire to see Auburn pitbull posse

Reader Input
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In reference to the article on Kevin Hanley (Journal, Oct. 26): I’m very unclear on this pitbull thing. Help me out if you can. The city of Auburn is fixing up Downtown to the tune of $12 million or so. The city wants to bring in shoppers, right? The city wants me to shop Auburn. My question is, how can I shop locally, perhaps with my grandchildren, with the possibility that I/we, might be greeted with a pitbull instead of a friendly shopkeeper? I do not know what the right answer is. However, the way I see it, the very least and responsible thing for the city to do if they allow pitbulls in the Downtown area is to “post,” have signs warning shoppers that there are pitbulls in the area: “Shop at your own risk.” Clinton Bresett, Auburn