No to drunken legislators

Reader Input
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Would you board a bus knowing the driver is drunk? Would you trust a drunken taxi driver, a drunken motorist, a drunken pilot? A drunken teacher, pastor, coach? Probably not. Then why do we allow drunken lawmakers to write our laws when we wouldn’t want to be seated in a car they’re driving, yet we expect them to drive the country? The problem is the serial drinker – the alcoholic. Cumulative drinking causes a person to lose his/her ability to make rational decisions. Alcohol makes a person verbose, always right/never wrong, loud, obnoxious, irrational, abusive, weak. We have thousands of alcoholics making decisions for all Americans: senators, members of congress, governors, mayors. Shouldn’t we insist that all public servants abstain from drinking during their term? And shouldn’t they quit drinking during their campaign? I’m not calling for prohibition for the rest of us, but good ol’ boy alcoholics are so utterly ill-equipped to make decisions for the masses. Taumas Colliver, Foresthill