No gain with Ted Gaines

Reader Input
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Wow! When you think you’ve heard it all the politicians just keep babbling. The not-so-one-and-only (Ted) Gaines now says that he blames the series of costly elections on an imperfect process. Duh, this clown just does not get it. His ladder-climbing has caused the problem. There should be a law that requires these guys to finish the terms out, and not allow them to jump from position to position. His ladder climbing is absolutely disgusting. Ted has many other flaws. He is really a poor judge of character as he selected and endorsed the once-ousted supervisor Kirk Uhler to fill his vacated county supervisor job. He can’t stay at any position very long. He wants political service to be a double dip deal as he is now pushing his wife Beth for a political position. It was pathetic just watching him trying to ensure that he was seen plastering his mug into the camera during the last governor’s inauguration. As far as I am concerned I can’t wait to see him colored gone. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn