No gripes: Buying TV right in Auburn was great

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How about a letter that doesn't criticize, doesn't put anyone down and just tells it like it is? Our TV died, we got a nice tax refund and so went shopping for a new one. We shopped at several of the big stores down the hill, the bigger stores here in Auburn and we found the best deal at our very own Fowler's TV Downtown. They had the best deal, the nicest salesman with no pressure, most informed and ready and willing to take time to show us the available sets. We purchased our set there, they delivered and set it up at no charge, gave us instructions and made sure we knew all the ins and outs of how to use it before leaving and taking our old set and all the trash from the boxes he brought things in. We were so pleased with the service and info that we had to share it with the people of Auburn, try our town first! CHUCK AND JEAN BAKER, Auburn