"No on A" group plays with truth

Reader Input
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As chairman of the weekly chamber forum (The Meddlers), I was shocked to learn that Todd Stenhouse, the paid political consultant who is running “No on Measure A,” would claim that the charter “should have been carefully vetted by a citizens’ review committee,” (Key points of Measure A arguments clarified,” Journal, April 23). In fact, the chamber forum has served as the citizens advisory committee for the last year-and-a-half for the charter.
The forum serves that function for all city issues and anyone can attend with usually 30 to 40 people participating every week. Councilman (Kevin) Hanley first presented the charter idea to this group two years ago.
Over the past year-and-a-half, residents and business owners have given direct feedback on the charter and how it was drafted.
An example are the city clerk and treasurer positions that were to be eliminated in the first draft of the proposed charter. The forum recommended to the council that while this provision would save money, they wanted to keep these two elected positions. The city council changed the charter due to this input.
Mr. Stenhouse’s comment is once again evidence the “no” campaign is more about false accusations than facts. Or, as (Ronald) Reagan said, “There you go again.”
Steven Galyardt, Auburn