No on Measure E cripples communities

Reader Input
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June 5 has come and gone with great disappointment on my behalf. I am greatly disappointed in those who live in the Placer Hills Fire District area. Measure E (besides the re-election of Jennifer Montgomery) was the No. 1 most important voting issue for me ? an issue that affects we who are blessed to live in the woods of the foothills. A yes vote would have shown support for our great fire district, Placer Hills Fire District. I am actually stunned that folks voted no on a measly $79 per-parcel per-year fee. When you break it down by month, that is a measly $6.58 per month. That?s equivalent to a one-time purchase at Starbucks, Burger King or McDonalds. It is less than a six-pack of beer or a 24-pack of soda. I voted yes on Measure E not only for myself but for the community in which we all live. We live in a community that is more challenging than the town of Auburn for firefighters and paramedic services to respond. We have been well-served by Placer Hills Fire District. Placer Hills Fire District has not only been exceptional in response to folks in the area but also to accidents, chemical spills, downed trees that have happened on the I-80 corridor that goes through our communities. If I were a member of the Placer Hills Fire District, I would personally feel like I got punched in the stomach. I would feel that the service that I provide is of little significance to those I serve. I say shame on you neighbors in Meadow Vista, Weimar and Colfax. Please don?t complain if you or your neighbor need the service of Placer Hills Fire District and the response is not soon enough. Your voting no on Measure E has basically crippled our communities. We live in the woods, folks. There isn?t a fire hydrant on every corner, there isn?t a walk-in clinic nearby. The closest hospital is Sutter Auburn Faith. I am so disappointed in you all who voted no on Measure E. I suggest you get out there today and clear your defensible space. Placer Hills Fire District might not get there in time. And arrange for someone to get you to the hospital next time you need paramedic services, because Placer Hills Fire District might not be able to assist you. CHERIE HOLM, AKA Wildflower, Meadow Vista