No North Auburn Costco but effort ongoing

Exclusive right to negotiate by Conkey Real Estate Development now into second year
By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Placer County’s aboard. So is Roseville’s Conkey Real Estate Development.

But the whale – in the form of a contract for Costco to locate at the Placer County Government Center in North Auburn – has yet to be hooked.

Facility Services Director Jim Durfee used last week’s discussion on departmental priorities to highlight the continuing effort to commit the corporation to locating a Costco on a 16-acre site owned by the county just south of Home Depot.

Durfee told supervisors that work is taking place to maximize county and economic development opportunities, including negotiating with warehouse-store giant Costco.

Those talks are continuing, Durfee said.

Conkey – which sold a parcel in North Auburn in 2010 to Wal-Mart – came to the county late in 2011 with a proposal to woo and win Costco as a tenant on the government center proposal. Supervisors voted in November 2011 to an agreement that allowed Conkey the exclusive right to work with Costco on a possible agreement to build on the land, south of Willow Creek Road.

In return, Conkey paid $15,000 for the right to negotiate a deal with Costco. After a year, Conkey could extend the agreement out another year, with renewals every six months. The first renewal extends through early April. The county has agreed not to entertain any other offers on the land.