No objection to a ‘big box monster’

Reader Input
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Regarding Mr. Paul A. McDaniel's letter of Nov. 15 (“Supervisors sell out citizens”), I feel sorry that he seems to be so unhappy. Mr. McDaniel ought to remember that the local government doesn’t just represent him or his views. It also represents many others who may have contrary viewpoints and are grateful for the new stores coming to town. As a 34-year resident of the Auburn area, I have no objection to the “big box monsters.” I do not think they in any way threaten “our area and lifestyle.” Come on. Thirty-four years ago, when my husband and I moved here, yes, Auburn was a different town. Not necessarily better, just different. It’s still a wonderful place to live and neither Wal-Mart nor Costco will change that. Is Auburn worse because of Target, Home Depot, Bel Air or K-Mart? We used to love to eat dinner at the North Fork Dry Diggins where Target now has its parking lot. We wish it was still there, but we are glad that we have the Target store. By the way, driving Highway 49 nearly every day from the freeway to Bell Road, at various times, it always takes me about 10-12 minutes. It has never taken anywhere near 30 minutes! Mr. McDaniel must have been caught in an accident situation. Deanna Wright, Meadow Vista