No rudder on Beck’s boat

Reader Input
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Since Glenn Beck gets such a kick out of playing professor on television, it’s a shame he didn’t stay in school to actually learn how to think. As someone who taught college English for many years, I am struck by the undisciplined way Beck’s mind jumps from one notion to another, making connections and leaps of faith that defy logic and eschew basic proofs and documentation, but which always support his terrified vision of evil forces working relentlessly to destroy America. His analysis of the overthrow of (President Hosni) Mubarak in Egypt, for example, overlooks the legitimate political and economic aspirations of the Egyptian people after 30 years in a corrupt police state. In Beck’s world this popular uprising is only another element of the march toward a global caliphate by the cabal of leftist Muslims which haunts Beck’s dreams. He is a sad example of how lost we become without the analytical skills a solid education affords. That he has legions of followers should not surprise us. Because of our careless attitude toward education, millions of Americans are in the same rudderless boat as he is.  Brian Hassett, Auburn