No savings gained in Cat House rent

Reader Input
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Back in 1999-2000, the building now being used by the Friends of Placer County Animal Services was used to contain 99 cats from a hoarding situation. Many improvements were made to the building at that time with little cost to the county. When that situation was concluded, the Friends group took over the building and gave the cats from Placer Animal Services a second chance. Since that time, Animal Spay and Neuter has worked closely with the Cat House to alter and treat their cats. We have altered approximately 3,840 cats and kittens. These services were paid for by the Friends group, saving Placer County approximately $69,000. Without the help from the Friends group, most of these cats and kittens would have been put to sleep, ultimately costing Placer County a great deal more. Due to the rent charges, the Friends group is facing eviction. That will cost Placer County a great deal more than the missing rent. Not only will the rent not be received, but the cats and kittens taken from the shelter will end up staying at the shelter and costing the county more dollars in the form of care, food and eventually euthanasia. The numbers speak for themselves. It’s time for the Board of Supervisors of Placer County to give the Friends group the opportunity to continue their good work. Dede Shaw, chairman of the board, Animal Spay and Neuter, Foresthill