No thanks from one who pays

Reader Input
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I would like to respond to the “thank you” that the chairman of the board of Newcastle Fire Protection District, Bob Stearns, wrote in the Auburn Journal (Reader Input, March 18). Yes, Mr. Stearns, you thanked everyone who helped pass Measure B. The Friends of Newcastle? Our supervisor, Jim Holmes, Jennifer Montgomery, Robert Weygandt. Your list went on and on. How many of the entire list of people actually will be paying an 80 to 100 percent increase on their property taxes? It’s easy to spend other people’s money or for political reasons! And how about the disenfranchised property owners (those actually paying for this) who were never informed of the vote in question simply because they are not registered voters in this district? That’s right, citizens, this is legal but I don’t think it is right. Therefore the surprise to them will come when their property taxes are due. They were paying $74.18 per/year per/parcel; the Newcastle fire tax will rise to $220.64 per/year per/parcel plus the state tax that has already been passed of $150 per/year per/parcel (resident) totaling $370.64. You don’t call that a big jump? Sounds like this borders on taxation without representation! Therefore no voice for these property owners at all. And finally Mr. Chairman, you failed big time to include the very group that got this measure passed — somehow they were left off your thank you list — “Castle City Mobile Home Park.” With 200 units — just think of it, all registered voters in this park had the right to vote and yet they are not the paying property owners. The owner of this park has two parcels, not 200. This measure passed by a small margin, thank you Castle City voters. I do hope everyone enjoys (their) new $2 million (plus I am certain they will go over their budget) fire station on Indian Hill Road. Because that is all you will be getting. No new fire protection. I also wonder what the total price tag was from the large consulting firm SCI plus the cost of the special election? Believe me, I bet they are making a lot off us property owners, for what? A new building to park the trucks in and the fellows to sleep and cook. Of course we could pay our firefighters more but in this time with everything cutting back what does our fire district do? Build a new building. The board at Newcastle could have done better by all of us, by finding an existing building to remodel, or take over the many empty warehouses close by. I am sorry, but where is the common sense in all of this? DONALD C. WEST, taxpayer from Newcastle