No time for silent sit-by

Reader Input
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Well, the U.S. Budget “Supercommittee” has failed (Journal, Nov. 22). The cowards in Washington have, once again, shown their true colors. Harsh cuts are now scheduled to take place automatically in January of 2013. To spite the 70 percent of Americans who support a small tax on the rich the Republicans in Congress refused to budge. Don’t worry though, these same Republican senators and representatives have vowed to stop the automatic cuts to the Defense Department. This will require that 100 percent of the cuts come at the expense of retirees, poor people and our infrastructure. Why should we care? We should be outraged that our elected representatives refused to do the will of the people. We should also be very afraid of a government that only values the military. This formula of social decline and a predominant military has been used many times in the past. Make no mistake; to sit by silently could very well bring about the end of America as we know it! PAUL PIERCY, Colfax