Noon Hour Update: Embezzlement case pleas; food trucks in the region; courthouse in Tahoe; Space Shuttle sightings and Media Life

What’s happening and what we’re working on
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Welcome to the Auburn Journal’s “Noon Hour Update,” where we’ll present you with stories and updates on what’s going on in the news and what we’re working on for our Friday edition.

What we’re working on: A proposed courthouse for the Tahoe area might not come to fruition after all. Reporter Gus Thomson is looking into why the plans for this new county courthouse might be stalled. Gus is also checking in on the Space Shuttle Endeavour and its farewell tour. The shuttle should be flying over Sacramento Friday. Gus will let readers know where they might be able to see it. In Media Life this week, Gus writes about the upcoming arrival of a train engine on the Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge.

The owner of an Auburn day care facility where a 14-year-old is to have allegedly molested children is not allowed to run another facility. Reporter Amber Marra will have more on this decision. Amber will also be reporting on the man whose remains were found near Dutch Flat earlier this month.

Two Auburn residents who are accused of allegedly taking nearly $500,000 from a woman in her 80s are scheduled to enter pleas in their case Thursday. Reporter Jon Schultz is following the case and will have a report on today’s proceedings. Jon is also continuing his series on mobile businesses in Auburn by examining how other areas in the region and county are working with food truck vendors.

Journal Sports Editor Matthew Kimel is profiling Placer High School football kicker Dominic Granieri and his powerful leg.

Should they pay?: Should BASE jumpers rescued from jumping off the Foresthill Bridge be responsible for the rescue costs? Take our poll on the lower half of our homepage next to sports and let us know.

What you’re talking about: Our story about a mother grieving the loss of her daughter and asking for safe driving conditions on Highway 193 has readers sharing their thoughts and opinions. In our Letters to the Editor section, our most read letter so far today is “Better to keep open campus.” Read these stories and letters and more and share your thoughts.

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