Noon Hour Update: Lightning strikes stoke fire fears; Robbers Fire update; woman recovering from injury and city council emails

What's happening and what we're working on
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Welcome to the Auburn Journal's "Noon Hour Update," where we'll present you with stories and updates on what's going on in the news and what we're working on for our Tuesday edition.

Lightning strikes stoke fire fears: A mid-summer lightning storm rolled through Placer County on Monday, creating significant forest-fire dangers. The Tahoe National Forest reported 571 strikes in the forest, with more than half landing inside the American River Ranger District in and around Foresthill. For more on this story, click here.

What we're working on: With the Robbers Fire contained more fire threats are popping up, thanks to the lightning storm that came through last night. Reporter Gus Thomson will have a report on the lightning strikes and what the fallout is from the storm.
Gus will also continue our coverage of the Robbers Fire - what's happening now and what's next. He'll also further investigate the charges against the man suspected of starting the blaze.

The progress is slow for a local woman whose back was broken when she was thrown from her horse during a mountain bike race. Faced with the prospects of being paralyzed, another woman who suffered the same injury meets with her to help with the healing. Reporter Amber Marra will have a story on what happens next for the injured rider.

The Auburn City Council will be reviewing its email retention policy at Monday night's meeting. Reporter Sara Seyydin will have a piece on the council's decision, plus other news from the meeting.

What you're talking about: The Robbers Fire continues to draw readers and their opinions. Our story on the arrest of a suspect has readers sounding off. Our story on a man who fled the scene of vehicle crash, leaving a severely injured woman behind is also well read and has comments. Share your thoughts on the story here.

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